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1949 – 1981 (Evolution from Society to Board to Council on Archives & History)

Methodist Headquarters at 23B Coleman Street
Methodist Headquarters at 23B Coleman Street
Starting as a collection of documents, past copies of the Malaysia Message (later changed to Methodist Message) and the Conference Journals of the pre-war Malaya Annual Conference, the archives of the Methodist Mission were kept by the Mission Treasurer in his offices at the Fort Canning premises of Wesley Church.

The first recognition of the importance of historical records was made in December 1949 when the Malaya Annual Conference passed a resolution to form a Malaya Annual Conference - Historical Society and appointed Rev Ho Seng Ong as chairman. He held this position until 1964 and was followed by Loo Choo Kheam (1965) and Rev V.A. Chelliah (1966-67). In 1968, the Society became known as the Singapore-Malaya Annual Conference’s Board of Archives and History with Mrs Lorinne Reinoehl, as Chairman (1968-69), followed by Rev Robert Foster (1970-73) and Rev Ong Chaik Ghee (1974-1980).
The formation of the Council on Archives and History took place in 1976 with the separation of the two Methodist Churches in Malaysia and Singapore. Rev Ong Chaik Ghee was appointed the first Chairman of the Council while also serving as Chairman of the Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) Board of Archives and History. Rev Ong’s report published in the Journal of the General Conference of 1980 gave a list of the holdings, thus establishing a definitive collection. With the election of Rev Isaac Lim as Chairman of the Council on Archives and History, and the appointment of Bishop T.R. Doraisamy as Archivist of The Methodist Church in Singapore in 1980, the archives of the Methodist Church were formally established and housed at the Methodist Headquarters at 23B Coleman Street.

1982 – Jul 2000 (Archives Resource Centre)

In 1982, the archives moved to the newly built Methodist Centre at Mount Sophia. In 1983, extensive research for the preparation of a historical account for the centenary celebrations two years later was undertaken by Bishop Emeritus T.R. Doraisamy. This led to the opening of a resource centre in a basement room of the Methodist Centre which was officially dedicated on 16 February 1984.


mtsophia resource
Methodist Centre at Mount Sophia The Archivist (seated) at work at the resource centre


Aug 2000 – Dec 2002 (Archives Resource Centre)

OMF building at Cluny Road
OMF building at Cluny Road
In anticipation of the redevelopment work that was to take place at Mount Sophia, the resource centre moved together with the rest of Methodist HQ offices to a temporary location at the OMF building at Cluny Road in August 2000. It remained there until the end of 2002.

Jan 2003 – present (Archives and History Library)

Methodist Centre at Barker Road
Methodist Centre at Barker Road
In January 2003, the resource centre moved to its present premises in the newly constructed Methodist Centre at Barker Road and became known as the “Archives & History Library” of The Methodist Church in Singapore. The Library is synonymously known as “The Methodist Church Archives, Singapore” and operates under the purview of the Council of Archives and History. The facilities include a repository of about 40 sq m, an office space, a small meeting room and a library and research area.


Reading Area

Council on Archives and History (2013-2016)

Chairperson: Rev Malcolm Tan


Chinese Annual Conference: Rev Lisa Yu Li Hsin and Mr Lim Soo Chin

Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference: Rev Anil Kumar and Ms Shanti Jeremiah

Trinity Annual Conference: Rev Fred Tan and Dr Jack Lee Tsen-Ta