ladyThe Archives and History Library (also known as The Methodist Church Archives, Singapore) fulfills the important function of keeping records of The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS). It therefore acquires, processes and maintains historical and archival material relevant to the MCS and welcomes interested persons who wish to understand how Methodist work began, expanded and evolved through the years 1885 to present (Historical Statement).

Although the holdings are not comprehensive or complete, the Library does have some rather important reference materials which include original documents, microfilms, audio-visual media, and photographs, as well as valuable books. These, together with a growing number of Methodist publications, a collection of John Wesley’s writings, and books on Methodist History on South East Asia, General Church History and Methodist doctrines and theology, will provide researchers plenty of scope for their work.


Sale of book -
Days of Darkness, Days of Light

The book, Days of Darkness, Days of Light is specially compiled to tell an important story.

It is about the Singapore Methodist Community's experience during the Japanese Occupation in Singapore from February 1942 to September 1945.

Available at $20 per copy (with GST) from:

Archives and History Library
The Methodist Church in Singapore
70 Barker Road #04-01
Methodist Centre
Singapore 309936


Please add $5 per copy for postage by local delivery.


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