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Days of Darkness,
Days of Light

A poignant account of the Singapore Methodist Community’s experience during the Japanese Occupation in Singapore from February 1942 to September 1945.

Available at $20 per copy (with GST) from:
Archives and History Library
The Methodist Church in Singapore
70 Barker Road #04-01
Methodist Centre
Singapore 309936

Please add $5 per copy for postage by local delivery.

FROM MISSION TO CHURCH – The Evolution of The Methodist Church in Singapore and Malaysia (1885-1976)

by Earnest Lau

Read about the experiences, insights and heritage of our forebears like Thoburn and Oldham, Sophia Blackmore, S.M. Thevathasan, Goh Hood Keng and
Chen Su Lan.

Find out how ordinary people were led to live extraordinary lives through the wonderful grace of our great and living God. Draw wisdom and prudence from the history of the Methodist Church.

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FORTY YEARS ON – Memoirs of a Schoolmaster

by Earnest Lau

Read about how significant persons, events and institutions has shaped the author and helped him to live well. In his references to his Christian values and in the way he has told his story, the author has demonstrated the best in an ACSian gentleman and a Christian whose steps are ordered by sovereign God.

This book is a pleasure to read both because of its poignant and reflective contents as well as the wit and command of the English language with which it is delightfully written. This book is highly recommended to ACSians, both young and old.

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New Arrivals

Wesley and Men Who Followed

by Iain H. Murray
The Banner of Truth Trust, 2003

“Thrilling history and biography; the bringing to light of forgotten men of extraordinary faith and energy for Christ; shrewd analysis; challenge to the contemporary church. Wesley and Men Who Followed has it all. I enjoyed it greatly – a breath of spiritually fresh air and vitality comes through wonderfully. I found it uplifting, challenging and gratitude-creating – and a great read.”

– Dr Sinclair B. Ferguson

Recapturing the Wesleys’ Vision – An Introduction to the Faith of John and Charles Wesley

by Paul Wesley Chilcote
InterVarsity Press, 2004

Wesley scholar and teacher Paul Chilcote provides a full and clear introduction to the dynamic faith of John and Charles Wesley. The vital theology of John is skillfully gleaned from his voluminous writings. The corresponding faith of Charles is culled from his enduring hymns. For students and general readers, this book illuminates the vital balance the Wesleys found in Christian teaching that brings together faith and works, Word and Spirit, the personal and the social, the head and the heart, mission and service.

She Offered Them Christ – The Legacy of Women Preachers in Early Methodism

by Paul Wesley Chilcote
Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2001

“Paul W. Chilcote has collected in one volume the stories of Methodism’s early women preachers – including excerpts from their diaries and journals – and introduces a segment of women’s (and United Methodist) history that will enlighten today’s church as it fosters an understanding of John Wesley’s appreciation of and support for women in early Methodism.”

300 Years of the Tamil Bible (1711 – 2011): Its Origin and Impact

by Albert Selwyn
The Bible Society of Singapore in collaboration with the Fellowship of Indian Denominational Churches, 2013

“This book tells the fascinating story behind the first translation of the Bible into Tamil. The purpose of this book is to help present generations of Christians appreciate and value “the living and enduring Word of God” (1 Peter 1:23), how God has faithfully preserved His Word and made it available and accessible to us.”

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